About Pawzevent

People embark on something with love and passion…

…Pawzevent, established in 2021, shares this ethos.

Our story began with us being pet owners, just like you. Back in the days, we carefully handpicked every items for our life partner, which inspired us to create even better ones.

From there, we grew into a brand committed to delivering quality and mindfully designed pet products. Now, we’re all about getting every detail right, aiming to go beyond every pet owners expectations.

Simple but Significant

We are putting pet bowls in the spotlight. Not only are pet bowls an everyday essential for our furry friends, but they also among the most frequently used accessories by you.

Whether it’s widening rims, adjusting handles, altering shapes, increasing sizes, or introducing new colorways… We make each decision based on feedback from our community of pet lovers, as well as our own extensive experience with pet products over the years.

Why Pawzevent?

Dog food 304 feeder

Running our own factory is no small feat…

It involves navigating the complexities of production at every turn. But this level of control is exactly what we want. It allows us to fine-tune every aspect of our process, hence we will be able to create pet products that truly align with our vision of excellence.

It’s not just about manufacturing; rather, it’s about creating pieces that we, as pet lovers, would be proud to use for our own companions. This hands-on approach is central to Pawzevent, and it’s what enables us to deliver qualify products that truly meet your high standards.

We greatly value your feedback, using it to consistently enhance our products with the goal of improving the lives of more pets and their owners. ✉️Feel free to let us know if you have any interest or ideas about our product!

At Pawzevent, we are committed to sustainability, and we actively contribute to it through various eco-conscious practices. We incorporate eco-conscious practices into every aspect of our business: from responsibly sourcing raw materials, utilizing sustainable packaging, to partnering with Stripe Climate for carbon offsetting. We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint and preserve natural resources. Together, let’s work towards building a greener future where every action has a positive impact on our planet.

Stripe Climate Pawzevent pet store
PE pet care logo

Our logo features a simple triangle instead of icons depicting dogs, cats, or paws. It symbolizes the strong bond we’re forging between you, your beloved pets, and Pawzevent.

Moreover, it represents our product philosophy – Safety, Utility, and Delight. That’s precisely what we, and every pet lovers seek.

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