3 Sizes Combo Sales Stainless Steel Dog Bowls Gray-Blue-Red


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💡Core Benefits 

· Smart Buy Bundle – 3Pack, More Savings
· Exterior Matte, Interior Mirror
· High-quality steel for Safe Dining
· Straight-sided Design Maximizes its Volume
· 3 Sizes Cater Every Needs

  • Description

– A classic pet feeding bowl made from high-quality stainless steel. It’s odor-free and rust-resistant, ensuring a healthier dining experience for your pets.

– It features a mirror-like polish on the inside, while the surface comes in three matte colors of Gray, Red and Blue. Available in three sizes to accommodate various breeds and needs.

– This bowl adopts a lightweight design while maintaining exceptional durability, making it incredibly portable and convenient for outdoor use when you’re on the go with your dogs.

– The easy-to-clean feature of stainless steel simplifies your feeding routine. Not only is this bowl dishwasher safe, but also cleans up easily with a swift wipe using a kitchen towel.

– Allows effortless manual clean-up, and dishwasher safe for sure. Simplify your feeding routine.

– Compared to others of the same diameter, the straight-sided design maximizes the volume of this pet bowl.

– The anti-slip bottom is an essential feature of all our pet bowls. We utilize only non-toxic adhesives to affix the silicone strip to the base, safety is our top priority.

  • Specs

Large – 7″X2.7″ / 18X7cm

            Volume – 47oz/1400ml/6 basic cup (240ml)

Medium – 6.3″x2.5″ / 16×6.5cm

            Volume – 340z/1000ml/4 basic cup (240ml)

Small – 5.5″x2.4″ / 14x6cm

            Volume – 27oz/800ml/3 basic cup (240ml)

6 reviews for 3 Sizes Combo Sales Stainless Steel Dog Bowls Gray-Blue-Red

  1. Paula (verified owner)

    Good product. I like the spoon!

    Color: Gray, Size: Large (L) x 1
  2. James (verified owner)

    Good deal for the price but thinner SS. Bottom has a non slip grip, bowl is easy to clean.

    Color: Blue, Size: Medium(M) x 1
  3. Ms Olivia (verified owner)

    It’s an average dog bowl, nothing will surprise you but afterall it still very handy. Perfect for the price!

    Color: Blue, Size: Medium(M) x 1
  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Holding up well…

    Color: Blue, Size: 3 Pack - FreeShipping x 1
  5. Philip G (verified owner)

    Size and depth are ok. Lightweight but works great so far.

    Color: Blue, Size: Large (L) x 1
  6. Darmar (verified owner)

    Good price for 3 bowls together

    Color: Gray, Size: 3 Pack - FreeShipping x 1

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