Pawzevent Color Edition Stainless Steel Square Bowl


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💡Core Benefits 

· Vibrant & Rare Color Collection
· Long-lasting Durability with Safe Material
· Large-capacity Water Bowl – 0.9 gallons
· Versatile Serving Container
· Extra Sponge Non-slip Pads

  • Description

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this square bowl boasts a balanced size that’s perfect for pet feeding or can be stylishly repurposed as a chic container for outdoor events. Its adaptable design seamlessly transitions from pet care to entertaining.

– Choose from a palette of five vibrant colors that match your pet’s personality and your home decor. These color options are rare on stainless steel products, and the paint application is exceptionally well-done. Moreover, we chose to present these colors in a matte finish to make them even more unique in appearance.

– The smooth stainless steel surface and refined rim promotes thorough cleaning without dirt accumulation, saving your time and effort in keeping a hygienic environment for your pets.

– Constructed for durability, this stainless steel bowl ensures it remains a reliable pet companion and a steadfast accessory for your routine activities, withstanding daily wear and tear.

– Beyond pet feeding, this square stainless steel bowl is a versatile addition to your daily life. It can serve as a container for snacks, fruits, or even as a sleek organizer for household items. How would you like to make the most of this bowl?

– Each bowl comes with four sponge pads, giving you the flexibility to use them as needed for added stability.

  • Specs

Top – 12.5″X8.7″ / 32X22cm

Bottom – 10.6″x6.7″ / 27x17cm

Height – 2.8” / 7cm

Volume – 1080z/0.9gallon /3400ml

14 reviews for Pawzevent Color Edition Stainless Steel Square Bowl

  1. Gilbert (verified owner)

    The size is accurate, I fill it to the brim and it doesn’t make up a gallon. This capacity can barely covers the daily needs of my two 60lb dogs. We don’t have much room in the kitchen for a larger bowl so currently this is a good pick for us. Nice quality overall.

    Color: Gray x 1
  2. R Aubrey (verified owner)

    I love this! It’s the water bowl for my birds. I’ve used this for about a week now. This square shape is right one, they can line up along the edge sipping water together. I particularly bought it in black so it won’t be too shinny to the birds, and the inside doesn’t reflect much light.

    Color: Black x 1
  3. D. Hoffman (verified owner)

    Good buy.
    It works great so far, not a huge bowl.
    Stable product.

    Color: Navy Blue x 1
  4. MGary (verified owner)

    Great for medium to large breeds! Shipping fast and well packaged, the spoon is also lovely!

    Color: Black x 1
  5. Colin (verified owner)

    My dogs will need a large water bowl for summer. Perfect to put it in the backyard.

    Color: Black x 1
  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This bowl holds a good amount of water to last my 2 dogs a day and a half!

    Color: Sky Blue x 1
  7. Kim (verified owner)

    I have ZERO complaints on this water bowl. It’s big enough yet doesn’t take up much space, and the color is exactly as shown in the images.

    Color: Sky Blue x 1
  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice water bowl..

    Color: Navy Blue x 1
  9. Amy (verified owner)

    Totally recommend this bowl!
    Quality is great, we’ve been using it for nearly a month now and no issues so far. The rim is easy to hold onto when I grab or clean it every day. I love this color, it’s not a typical gray but has a hint of green. It’s hard to describe but it matches the product page, and it’s actually pretty nice!

    Color: Gray x 1
  10. FMG (verified owner)

    It’s just the second day we’ve used it, everything looks nice and my dogs hasn’t ruined it. We’ll see…

    Color: Black x 1
  11. Bob J. Burack (verified owner)

    Perfect size for my 3 dogs, now no need to refilling their bowl all the time. It’s nice to have the sponge pad that comes with the bowl, I just hope it won’t fall off easily because it gets wet often.

    Color: Navy Blue x 1
  12. Gorey (verified owner)

    Beautiful bowl and the dog loves it. Right size and color, and easy to keep it clean.

    Color: Gray x 1
  13. Ashley Mullin (verified owner)

    This is the size I’ve been looking for, fitting perfectly in my fridge. I often fill it up with water and place canned drinks inside for faster freezing. Blue color is adorable and is exactly what I expected!

    Color: Sky Blue x 1
  14. Carla (verified owner)

    I was browsing for some dog bowls but found this one can work for myself.. hard to get a container like this in pink! It’s my tool caddy for some brushes and spray bottles, I need the material can handle the water and the stainless does. It was reasonably priced and seems to be a good quality.

    Color: Pink x 1

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