Gold & Silver Dog Bowl Stainless Steel


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💡Core Benefits 

· Rare Color Options for Pet Bowls
· Non-toxic material with protective coating
· Classic 2 tones in 2 sizes – Gold for Food, Silver for Water 
· Effortless Clean with Smooth Polishing
· Silicone Base – Easy Care & Worry Less

  • Description

-Made of premium stainless steel, the interior of this dog bowl features either gold or silver tones that complement its black exterior. This distinctive combination makes a standout addition to your home, offering a one-of-a-kind dining experience for your pet.

-The practical design features a wide, open rim, making your pet care routine even easier when picking up or washing this bowl. The BPA-free stainless steel material guarantees safe usage and is also dishwasher safe for added convenience!

-This dog bowl comess in two elegant colors of Gold & Silver, both presents a matte exterior with a glossy interior finish. Our painting process uses only non-toxic pigments specially formulated for stainless steel. To enhance security, we’ve applied an additional protective coating to areas accessible to pets.

-The fine painting and polishing not only deliver a sleek appearance but also provide excellent water repellency. This ensures rust, corrosion, and oxidation resistance.

-A silicone base is securely bonded with a non-toxic adhesive, ensuring long-lasting durability and resistance to detachment, even when exposed to water. It effectively stabilizes movement and minimizes noise during your dog’s mealtime.

-Accommodates all types of food, including wet/dry food, fresh food, and water, catering to your pet’s diverse dietary needs.

  • Specs

Large –  Diameter 8.3″ / 21cm

            Height x2.7″ / 7cm

            Volume – 47oz/1400ml/6 basic cup (240ml)

Medium – Diameter Top 6.7″ / 17cm

            Height 2.5″ / 6.5cm

            Volume – 27oz/800ml/3 basic cup(240ml)

15 reviews for Gold & Silver Dog Bowl Stainless Steel

  1. D Frazier (verified owner)

    This isn’t weighty dish but seems durable, and larger than appears. Color is a nice addition, my dog no longer needs to see his reflection in the bowl. A recommended item overall.

    Color: Silver, Size: Large (L) x 1
  2. J Williams (verified owner)

    True to color and size!

    Color: Gold, Size: Large (L) x 1
  3. Betty L. Clouston (verified owner)

    Water resistant and stable bowl. I usually clean it up with kitchen towel and it works great. Perfect size for my dog it holds a good amount of food, I think it should last if it doesn’t crack.

    Color: Gold, Size: Large (L) x 1
  4. Nathan P G. (verified owner)

    The large size fits my 40lb Bulldog, and it’s deeper than I thought. Bowl is easy to clean and the color is as seen.
    It’s a shame the rubber bottom is non removable, but it does make the bowl look more like one piece.

    Color: Silver, Size: Large (L) x 1
  5. Sasha W. (verified owner)

    Nice touch and rim..Easy to clean it up..I really enjoy this silver and black.

    Color: Silver, Size: Large (L) x 1
  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good bowls

    Color: Gold, Size: Medium(M) x 1
  7. Saul (verified owner)

    I think this bowl has a wider handle than other bowls, this point seems trivial but could be very useful when you holding it filled with water. It’s not heavy but solid, the color and bottom are all right.

    Color: Gold, Size: Large (L) x 1
  8. Melanie (verified owner)

    The color is refined without being too flashy, I bought it in gold absolutely love it!

    Color: Gold, Size: Large (L) x 1
  9. J.K. (verified owner)

    Bought this one for my puppy and it’s holding up great, special color with practical design that’s enough.

    Color: Silver, Size: Medium(M) x 1
  10. Elle K C (verified owner)

    We got this in medium size for water and the paw slow feeding bowl for food, both of them are great items although this one is a bit thinner but is acceptable.

    Color: Silver, Size: Medium(M) x 1
  11. Megan (verified owner)

    The silver color on this bowl is special, it’s covered with some coating not like the usual silver on stainless product. It looks nice and doesn’t collect water! Excellent buy for the money.

    Color: Silver, Size: Medium(M) x 1
  12. Ivan (verified owner)

    The bowl has a basic shape but the color changes everything. I might like them more than my dog does!!

    Color: Gold, Size: Medium(M) x 1
  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The color is amazing, probably will go for the silver one next time!

    Color: Gold, Size: Large (L) x 1
  14. D Lowe (verified owner)

    Great value. Love the quality of this price!

    Color: Silver, Size: Large (L) x 1
  15. Joe Fisher (verified owner)

    The medium size is more like a small in my book. It’s a good fit for my chihuahua and works great so far. The bowl slides a bit when she eats, but it doesn’t make any noise.

    Color: Gold, Size: Medium(M) x 1

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